Konsole Kingz "OG" Orange Crown NFT (unlockable)

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The Konsole Kingz orange crown was the first design we made into a gamer pic and placed on the Xbox Live marketplace. So it’s only right that we start our NFT collection of with this “OG” icon.

Unlike our Xbox gamer pics and PlayStation avatars, the Konsole Kingz NFTs will be true 3D and animated. But since we are the Konsole Kingz, we will never leave the true gamers hanging. When you acquire this NFT for your collection, you unlock the 2D version to use as your gamer pic or avatar. In addition, this KKZ NFT includes the iconic “KONSOLE KIIIINGZ!” sounder voiced by Hip-Hop legend, Funk Doctor Spock aka REDMAN!

What’s in this NFT:
1. 2048 x 2048 mp4 video of the OG crown that features audio from REDMAN (KKZ sounder) and the original Konsole Kingz theme music.

2. 2048 x 2048 png of the NFT to use on your gaming profiles (unlockable for each owner).