Gamer Influencer Campaigns

We align companies with gaming influencers relevant and significant for their products and services.  We develop innovative influencer social media campaigns and other marketing strategies with long-term potential, to achieve the company's goals and objectives.

Who You Got? (Godzilla vs. Kong movie) 


Live Gaming Activations

We produce live gaming events for various clients across many industries.  The types of the events we produce include, but not limited to, special VIP events, tournaments, live streams, etc.

TheRideAlongExperience with Kevin Hart (Ride Along Press Junket) 
Kevin Hart playing 2K Kevin Hart on Twitch Kevin Hart and Cj TheRideAlongExperience Photos


Celebrity Seedings

We leverage our deep roots in Hip-Hop and our access to some of the most influential celebrities who are avid gamers and gaming fans to help our clients.  We develop customized brand experience strategies for our clients’ that will best align with our celebrity influencers and is a mutually beneficial partnership.

Gears of War Takeover (A3C Music Festival) 
Gears of War A3C Bun B in Gears4 Backstage A3C Gears Stage


Content Development

We create content strategies that are authentic and creative that is focused on storytelling and not just advertising.   We have the ability to combine traditional productions with influencers to elevate our clients’ content and brand.  Since 2004, we have been creating iconic gaming content on consoles that is still sought out by gamers -- gamer pics, avatars, dynamic themes, video, etc.

UWP Example Gamer Pics and Avatars