Comic Crowns 4K Live Wallpaper (Xbox Screensaver)

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If you never like turning your Xbox One off (like most of us), and want something cool on the screen while you are AFK or AFC, then the Comic Crowns 4K Live Wallpaper by Konsole Kingz is what you have been missing. The design was inspired by our iconic Konsole Kingz Comic Crown print.

Once you install the Comic Crowns Live Wallpaper, you can launch it while downloading and installing games in the background. We know big updates are very necessary and required in order for us to get our "game on", but they have never been fun to watch -- until now!


  • Animated graphics
  • Original background music (ON or OFF)
  • 12hr and 24hr clock
  • Date (day, month, date and year)
  • 4K

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